August 3-10, 2013
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America

The largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism

days until the Games. Are you ready?


Kurling, introduced at the 2009 World Dwarf Games in Belfast, Ireland, will be offered for younger athletes, with males and females competing in the same events across three age divisions: Futures (6 and younger), Junior A (7‐11), and Junior B (12-15).

The game is similar to curling on ice: two players take turns delivering rubber, discus‐shaped kurling stones toward a vinyl kurling "house" target. Players score points for each stone that is closer to the center of the house than any opponent stones.

Kurling accommodates players of all ability levels, including those who prefer to play from a sitting position or using a push stick to deliver the stone.




The Sport Technical Officer for kurling is Lynsie Pouliot (left). She will be assisted by Val Suszko (right).




The sponsor of the kurling competition is the Lansing Rotary Club.


Lansing Rotary Club